What Causes Stretch Marks


What causes stretch marks? There are many factors that promote the development of stretch marks. Factors such as rapid growth, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, muscle growth, pregnancy, and genetics all play a role in what causes the development of stretch marks. For most of us stretch marks are almost unavoidable!

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What causes stretch marks? What are stretch marks? Why do stretch marks develop? These are the questions that thousands of people ask every single day. Despite the fact that stretch marks are a common occurrence and that such marks are found on a large number of people, it is unlikely that the average person even knows how stretch marks appear on the body. So, what causes stretch marks? Simply put, stretch marks are caused by growth. Any type of growth or expansion of the body can cause stretch marks, or striae as they are called in the medical community. Stretch marks often form during puberty, this is because puberty is a time when the body undergoes a vast amount of growth. Stretch marks can also develop from weight gain, and for women stretch marks often accompany pregnancy.

Apart from the question of what causes stretch marks, many people are curious as to what stretch marks are. Technically speaking stretch marks are tears in the dermis layer of the skin. The dermis is located beneath the epidermis, or the outermost layer of skin. Stretch marks have even been described as internal scars because they develop beneath the outermost layer of skin.

One noticeable feature of stretch marks is their ability to fade over time, much as a wound will heal and form a scar, a stretch mark becomes less noticeable as time goes on. When stretch marks first become visible they are usually pink or red, as time passes stretch marks fade to a white or grey color. However, stretch marks take time to fade and in most cases the natural fading that occurs still renders stretch marks entirely too visible for people to be comfortable with.

Stretch marks pose a unique problem when it comes to their treatment because they are beneath the skin. Most of the treatments available for stretch marks are invasive, although there are some alternatives available when it comes to addressing the overall appearance of stretch marks. Most notably, there are stretch mark creams available that can target stretch marks at their root and work to diminish their appearance.

Nobody wants stretch marks, but for many people whether or not they develop stretch marks on their bodies is a matter out of their control. Both men and women can develop stretch marks during puberty, due solely to natural changes in their bodies. While many people see stretch marks as a cosmetic issue that can be attributed to lifestyle choices, caused by factors such as weight gain, stretch marks in many ways are an act of nature.

People can develop stretch marks naturally, but that does not mean that you have to look at stretch marks for the rest of your life. The best topical stretch mark creams are scientifically designed to reduce the look of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are far from ideal, but it is easier to help improve the appearance of stretch marks when you are aware of what exactly they are.