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Stretch Mark TreatmentAre you looking for the next best stretch mark treatment? Some customers may find that certain stretch mark treatments like laser or Surgical Removal can promote harmful side effects or may further damage the skin. There are alternative options available.

Stretch mark creams are marketed to help target stretch marks by diminishing the appearance and reducing the visible discolorations. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best product reviews. See our top rated stretch mark creams of 2018.


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Stretch mark treatments are unique for many reasons, primarily because stretch mark treatments have to treat cosmetic blemishes that develop in the dermis, beneath the epidermis. Stretch marks are basically internal scars, there is a large number of supposed stretch mark treatments but there are few that can really qualify as legitimate stretch mark treatment methods.

What is the best stretch mark treatment? That is one of the most common questions about the topic of stretch mark treatments. Which one is the best? How do I find the best stretch mark treatment? What results will I see from it? The information that can be gained about stretch mark treatments may surprise many people. For those who do look into undergoing a stretch mark treatment of some kind it is important to know certain facts so as to make the best decision possible about stretch marks. Nobody wants to waste their time and money, to avoid doing so make sure you are aware of all your options regarding stretch marks. While many people may believe that a certain stretch mark treatment is perfectly suited for them, it may turn out that another unexpected option has more benefits.

There is not a great deal of diversity among stretch mark treatments. Treatments for stretch marks include laser stretch mark therapy, microdermabrasion, and cosmetic surgery.

Laser stretch mark therapy comes in two forms, either a pulsed dye laser is used or a fractional laser. A pulsed dye laser is used to treat recent stretch marks while a fractional laser is used to treat older stretch marks. Both types of laser treatments are expensive with pulsed dye laser treatments costing several hundred dollars per treatment and fractional lasers costing as much as a thousand dollars per treatment. With the use of fractional laser therapy there is also the possibility of side effects such as hyperpigmentation and even scarring.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure in which the top layer of skin is scraped or rubbed off in order to encourage the growth of new skin. Microdermabrasion can also be expensive and in many cases requires multiple treatments as with laser stretch mark therapy.

Cosmetic surgery is technically an option for stretch mark treatment. However, the use of cosmetic surgery is usually a last resort. Even then plastic surgery may not be able to address stretch marks in certain areas of the body. There is also the risk of leaving behind a scar in the area operated on. Financially speaking, cosmetic surgery can cost thousands of dollars, and in the case of stretch marks would be considered an elective procedure and therefore not covered by insurance.

All of the stretch mark treatments mentioned here have a number of disadvantages; some of them are rather serious. Instead of risking scarring and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an invasive stretch mark treatment, many people turn to stretch mark creams in order to reduce the look of their unwanted stretch marks. Topical stretch mark creams are both cheaper and less risky than practically any stretch mark treatment that is available today.