Laser Stretch Mark Removal


Laser Stretch MarksAre you considering laser stretch mark removal? The cost of laser stretch mark removal could be expensive! Find out your risk of side effects and possible skin damage before you elect this technique. Most consumers are not willing to take that chance and simply elect the use of a stretch mark cream to address the appearance of their unwanted marks.

Below, our review staff has listed cost-effective stretch mark options for 2018. Some of these topical solutions have been clinically and independently proven to offer visible results within 2-8 weeks of application. Don’t miss out on these cost-effective options! Take charge of your beautiful skin!


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Laser treatment for stretch marks comes in two forms, either a pulsed dye laser is used to treat stretch marks or a fractional laser is used. A pulsed dye laser is generally used for more recent stretch marks. Although it has been noted that laser treatments for stretch mark can be less effective in people with darker pigmented skin. Usually pulsed dye laser treatments for stretch marks cost several hundred dollars per treatment and require several treatments for optimal results.

Fractional laser stretch mark treatments, also known as fractional laser resurfacing, are used to treat older stretch marks. Fractional laser treatments do have side effects that consumers could potentially experience, the most well-known are hyperpigmentation and scarring. Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of skin in certain areas. The price of fractional laser treatments can be as much as a thousand dollars per treatment, and as with pulsed dye laser treatments several appointments are needed in order to produce the best results possible.

The results of both types of laser stretch mark removal can vary, but it should be known that even laser treatments for stretch marks cannot provide consumers with a one hundred percent guarantee that all stretch marks will be totally removed from the body. Both types of laser stretch mark removal options can be uncomfortable to undergo.

Laser stretch mark removal is not the only way to diminish the look of stretch marks. Nor is it necessarily the best approach to improving the appearance of stretch marks.

A topical stretch mark cream is one way to reduce the look of stretch marks without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some people are under the mistaken impression that stretch mark creams will not show visible results in the look of stretch marks, but some of the highest quality stretch mark creams are not only effective but they can show results in just several weeks of instructed daily use.

There is no denying that laser technology has seen some amazing advancements in the last several years. However, even with such advancements in areas such as laser stretch mark removal, there is still a significant number of potential risks and drawbacks to such treatments. Stretch mark creams as opposed to laser treatments for stretch marks are inexpensive and can be used at home.