How to Treat Old Stretch Marks


Old Stretch MarksDon’t let stretch marks affect you from being yourself! Most people search the web in hopes to find ways on how to treat old stretch marks. Instead of searching for a treatment option, you should look for a topical stretch mark cream to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

This website has reviewed some of the top rated stretch mark creams of 2018. See below for products that are clinically tested, cost-effective and can offer results within a few weeks. Take the first step now to improve the look of your stretch marks!


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Although beneficial, such changes take time and even over time stretch marks are still visible against the skin. One of the downsides to stretch marks is that as the marks grow older they also become more difficult to treat. This often leads to the question of how to get rid of old stretch marks? How to treat old stretch mark? In terms of removal options both plastic surgery and laser stretch mark therapy can still be used. However, older stretch marks require a different type of laser be used. In order to treat older stretch marks with laser therapy, it is necessary to use a fractional laser. Fractional laser treatments is also known as laser resurfacing. Fractional lasers are typically used when stretch marks are no longer discolored, after they fade to a lighter tone. Fractional laser treatments for stretch marks have certain risks or side effects associated with them. The two primary side effects that have been seen with fractional laser use is hyperpigmentation and even scarring in severe cases. Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of skin in certain areas. Scarring also happens to be a potential side effect of cosmetic surgery. Essentially, when looking into how to get rid of old stretch marks you will come across the two options mentioned above. Both of which, essentially have the potential to replace an unwanted stretch mark or marks with unwanted scarring.

Old stretch marks pose a slightly bigger challenge than stretch marks that have more recently been developed. However, that is not to say that there is no way to help reduce the look of older stretch marks. Those who have looked into how to get rid of old stretch marks may be encouraged by the results yielded by alternative means. In fact, there are even alternative options to the invasive removal methods mentioned above that can address the look of all stretch marks regardless of age. There are topical stretch mark creams that can help to drastically minimize the look of old and new stretch marks.

For women who waited patiently hoping that time would provide a solution for the problem of stretch marks, it is never too late to take action and feel better about your appearance. A topical stretch mark cream is an effective way to reduce the overall look of your stretch marks, without going through a great deal of hassle or inconvenience.